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Wherever you are on the map, join us at The Pilates MAP!

Using Zoom, you can participate in a class from wherever you are. It is so easy to set up and you need never miss your weekly class due to work trips away, childcare falling through, held up at work.... ever again!

It's not always possible to get to a class in person - don't let that be your reason to neglect your health and well-being.

There are so many advantages to working out from home. Exercise in a safe and hygienic space that you love, using your own clean equipment.

No more travel time and worrying if you will get a parking space. No more communal halls.

Fed up of strip lighting? Dim the lights and set your atmosphere to suit your needs each week!

Children at home? Like to listen to your own choice of background music? No problem! Put your device on mute and enjoy your class without worrying about disturbing others or needing a babysitter.

What you need...

All you need is your phone, a laptop or an ipad. Whichever device you use making sure you never miss your weekly could not be simpler.

To get the most out of your session and for quality teaching corrections place your device so that your full body is in view from standing to lying on the floor.


Then add in

- A mat

- A head cushion (Any cushion or pillow will work)

Additional equipment

- A Band   ( A scarf/tights or a belt also work!)

- Some light hand weights (0.5kg-1kg)  (Grab 2 bottles of water or 2 cans of beans!)

-A yoga block ( A firm book or anything book size that you are happy to stand on)

- A Pilates Ring ( A good sized firm cushion!)

For antenatal or very early postnatal

-A 65cm anti-burst gym ball

Joining  an online live class with real teaching couldn't be easier. 


Email me at for details on how to book into an online class.

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